Proven Results

We understand the importance, and financial benefits, of providing patients with a true umbrella of services. Homecare can be a productive, high-quality and cost efficient operation. Improving your homecare agency offers a myriad of advantages – to your operations, to your patients and to your community.

Our model is now being utilized at 9 agencies and generating over $90 million of net patient revenue. Our agencies employ over 450 RNs, 240 Therapists and visit 480,000 patients annually. Our results include:

  • Quality: Superior patient satisfaction, zero Medicare deficiencies
  • Employee Turnover: Among lowest nationally
  • Back Office Expenses: Lowest in the industry
  • Revenue Growth: Over 50%
  • Profit Margins: Over 20%

Bridge offers a proven solution for hospitals to remain in homecare and hospice, or regain entry into the industry; participate in the growth of this important healthcare segment; and, retain majority ownership in a thriving agency that will contribute to the future growth of your hospital system.



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